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Nexus Excellent Technology International (NETIC) Corporation is a fire protection company serving the economic growth and development of the Industrialized Philippines. Our company provides a range of products and services, supply, engineering, design, and drawing works for your convenience and assurance, an installation that takes great pride in improving Building and Fire Safety, which includes the premium Fire alarm systems, Fire sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Fire suppression systems – Smoke- heat extraction and Natural Ventilation systems, Fire alarm systems including detection and control devices. We also supply the state of-the-art BMS or Building Management System otherwise known as a Building Automation System, this is a Computerized-Based control system installed in Buildings, that monitors and controls the mechanical and electrical equipment such as Ventilation, lighting, power systems, Fire alarm System and Security system. 

We constitute a service solution provider committed to meeting its customers’ needs for protection from fire and to keep them safe. You cannot always prevent an emergency, but you can always count on NETIC Fire Protection company whenever you need us.


Aims to be the leading holding firm establishing dynamic and socially centered business enterprises that solidly contribute to nation-building.


To maintain businesses that deliver superior results to customers and other stakeholders;

  • To deliver long-term growth in shareholder value;

  • To be a responsible corporate citizen;

  • To ensure that our businesses promote environmental protection and sustainable development practices;

  • To provide a nurturing environment to develop and empower our people.


As an organization, our core values and group culture must be reflected in our performance and work commitments. What we do can affect people’s lives. It is vital that our customers can trust us that we will honor our diligent actions and deliver on our commitment to provide quality products and services to our valued

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality standards in the global fire and safety industry. Consequently, we maintain the high-quality accreditation, constantly train our staff at all level.

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